The designer: Eva ROGO-LEVENEZ


As a child, she loved pedaling her mother’s “Singer” Sewing Machine.


Like many teenagers the world over, elegance being the defining point for young lasses, she delved in her own personal wear.

Her maternal grandfather was a well-known tailor around the Lake Victoria region in Western Kenya.


Her mother was a perfectionist who had the habit of reminding her daughter that “no woman can claim she was well-dressed if the finishing of her garment were not hand-sewn.”


She has naturally acquired from her mother the secrets for well-trimmed cuts and natural flowing designs. Ler Ligisa is a brand that prefers to use the beautiful fabrics from her motherland and of course, with addition of the famous French touch for elegance. It's also unique pieces, made in France and handmade. The clothes are available in a boutique in Paris and on command, within six weeks.


LER LIGISA, the beauty of a traditional headdress, where tradition and modernity converge

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